Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New House Part 3 - Framing

Well, according to my blog the whole process of building our house has taken mere minutes... but in reality it has taken a couple of months. ;-)  We broke ground in August, and now at the beginning of October the framing is almost done.  Here are the lastest pictures! 

This is the front of the house... just a disclaimer, no it's not huge or anything. ;-) ;-)
And if you are standing inside, this is also looking at the front of the house.  To the corner the master room will be framed out, and where the big windows are is our living room.


Here will be our side entrance, probably the main entrance for us.  It will take you right into our mudroom, which will also double as our laundry room.  On the right will be sliding doors right in our dining room, which will eventually lead out to a deck or patio.
This is the inside view of that same corner, where the mud room and the stairway to the basement will be.


This is the opposite end of the house where the kids bedrooms and baths will be. 


So this is where we are at right now.  Hopefully soon we will have a roof and from there things happen so fast!!!!  We were a little back ordered on the trusses but things are falling into place so hopefully we will have a steady working pace from now on, without any problems. 

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Miracle said...

It seems to be coming right along! My husband and I seen ya'll out there looking around Wed. night on our way to church.

We pass by your "new house" almost everyday. We live not to far down the road past you :o)