Monday, December 23, 2013

FLoors are done!!!!!! Yay!

Boys bathroom.  For some reason no matter how I upload this picture it keeps putting it on sideways, so I say forget it, twist your head, if you really want to see it. ;-)

Girls bathroom

This is the girls bedroom... just happens to be the pic I have on my phone,it wasn't finished yet, but it is now.

This is part of the living room.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Well, I think so anyways.  I told my friend that it's one of those floors that's an odd color and either you love it or hate it.  I personally love it because it can flow with our *rustic* theme we are wanting to have throughout the house.  Can't wait to get moved in. 

We also have had a lot of things done outside and little things that needed to be done that are important but not significant enough to *see*.  We had lights installed outside and our driveway poured and our walkway and steps into the front door poured.  I will try to take pictures of those soon.

Next week we have the carpet coming in to the basement, plumbing finished up and cabinets getting installed... Oh and I can't forget to mention that our wonderful family, well not just family but sweet friends and soon to be neighbors- Dale and Teresa from over at Simply Farmhouse blog should have our Big FarmHouse table finished soon,if it's not already done! 

 So many more updates coming soon!!!!  :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Leave me a comment, I love comments to know you've been here. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We are making progress

Well we got our bathroom sinks at the house ready to install

and our fridge all wrapped up to get painting done

We started painting in the middle of an ice storm one night... luckily we brought along enough toys to keep the kids occupied.  Unfortunately theres no plumbing right now, so we had to run out in the storm to use restrooms and get snacks, we had quite the night. ;)

But through it all we got our walls painted, and our light fixtures up.
The finished walls... :)  This is looking into the laundry room and to the left you go down the stairs, and to the right is our pantry. 
By the front doors... The color turned out nice.  Cant wait to get some more pics to share. :)

Right now we are working on floors and floors and more floors. Carpet should be installed soon too.  It seems like we are finally getting somewhere, I will post more pictures as it comes along.  :-)