Monday, December 23, 2013

FLoors are done!!!!!! Yay!

Boys bathroom.  For some reason no matter how I upload this picture it keeps putting it on sideways, so I say forget it, twist your head, if you really want to see it. ;-)

Girls bathroom

This is the girls bedroom... just happens to be the pic I have on my phone,it wasn't finished yet, but it is now.

This is part of the living room.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Well, I think so anyways.  I told my friend that it's one of those floors that's an odd color and either you love it or hate it.  I personally love it because it can flow with our *rustic* theme we are wanting to have throughout the house.  Can't wait to get moved in. 

We also have had a lot of things done outside and little things that needed to be done that are important but not significant enough to *see*.  We had lights installed outside and our driveway poured and our walkway and steps into the front door poured.  I will try to take pictures of those soon.

Next week we have the carpet coming in to the basement, plumbing finished up and cabinets getting installed... Oh and I can't forget to mention that our wonderful family, well not just family but sweet friends and soon to be neighbors- Dale and Teresa from over at Simply Farmhouse blog should have our Big FarmHouse table finished soon,if it's not already done! 

 So many more updates coming soon!!!!  :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Leave me a comment, I love comments to know you've been here. 


Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

How exciting! I love the living room floors - beautiful. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Simply Farmhouse said...

Hello I have your table painted and I am working on the stain....looking

Hope to deliver it soon.

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse