Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well we are moving right along!  Our cabinets are installed.  Elijah and I were able to install them ourselves without any problems.  Yay.  We also hung the microwave and able to place the stove.  The fridge is something I will not attempt to move into place, so we will have to wait until Elijah has a few guys there to help him.   Right now we are *unfortunately* waiting on our counter tops.  Those wont' be here for another week or so. 

This will be our island and the counter for that is also on backorder, so we will be waiting another week or so for that one too.

And our table is finished, it is gorgeous and a beautiful addition to our home!  :) 

So I guess for now Elijah is just finishing up little things like our mailbox and the electrical work.  The trim should be delivered tomorrow and our doors hopefully in about 2 weeks!  Then it's moving in time.  I hope!;-) 


Simply Farmhouse said...

Wow someone worked really hard. That area looks very nice.... That is one beautiful table..Im so glad you all love it. It looks great in there.

Happy for you...I hope it all comes together sooner then two weeks for ya.

Nothing like having your own nest to fluff

Amy P. said...

Everything looks wonderful! Congratulations! I love that table. Everyone will have plenty elbow room. Oh and so you know, I refused to twist my neck to see the sideways picture, but I did turn my phone sideways. Lol

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Looking great! Having a new home to design & decorate has to be lots of fun.

~*Angie*~ said...

Thanks for my Table Teresa!!!!!!! :)

Haha Amy, you are such a brat! LOL! Yes I am glad for space at my table!!!!!

I am really enjoying all the picking out of stuff, been the best part!!!! Just cant wait to get in.